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Tolerating indiscretions

Police car in bike box

Advanced Stop Lines are essential, because they give cyclists a slight head start when they’re at their most wobbly, and reduce the risk of a vehicle cutting into a cyclist when turning left. They have minimal effect on congestion (probably a small improvement, because they get more people cycling).

But hey, nobody’s perfect. A lot of small offences really don’t matter in the general scheme of things, so long as people take it easy, and don’t threaten others.

Cycle Lanes are Enough

Getting large numbers of adults to cycle on busy main roads does not need Dutch-style cycle tracks. Simple continuous cycle lanes are sufficient – as long as traffic speeds are kept down and junctions aren’t too scary.

The road pictured carries 15,000 motor vehicles a day. One lane in each direction can cope with upto about 20,000 motor vehicles per day.