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How many urban main roads have already been tamed? How are they tagged in OSM? How good is the cycle lane data?

Cycle Lane Map

Red lines: cycle lanes in DfT data that need importing into OSM.

Blue lines: cycle lanes already in OSM by end Sep 2012.

Green lines: cycle lanes added to OSM since start Oct 2012.

DfT data can be added to OSM. For thick lines (cycle lanes both sides), select the way, click on the Bike tab on the side pane, and pick "On road bike lanes" from the bike lanes drop down. If thin line, go to Advanced view, and add a new cycleway:left or cycleway:right tag with lane as the value (check which side; the DfT data isn't clear). The DfT data can be used as a background in the editor; the url is (copy shortcut).

Map data & background tiles (c) OpenStreetMap contributors & DfT.

Foreground cartography (c) Richard Mann. Terms: free for personal use, and to support adding data to OSM. The map will be updated with fresh OSM data from time to time.

Similar, larger scale and printed maps can be produced, on a consultancy basis. See Oxford example. For more information, drop me an email.