Transport Paradise

To make cities into wonderful places to live and work, there needs to be a comprehensive cycle network, usable by all ages. This is likely to be achieved by taming urban main roads and creating quiet routes.

Dual Cycle Network Map

Urban main roads are highlighted in red. Solid red lines show where cycle lanes or tracks have been provided. Dotted lines show where they have not.

Blue lines show quiet local routes (NCN is shown in light blue).

Main roads have been identified as urban if they have residential side streets, or are tagged as 30mph. Cycle lanes are shown if they are in OSM.

Missing data (eg cycle lanes) can be added at OSM.

Map data (c) OpenStreetMap contributors. Cartography (c) Richard Mann. The map will be updated with fresh data from time to time.

Larger scale and printed maps can be produced, on a consultancy basis. See Oxford example. Advice can also be provided on designing networks and surveying. For more information, drop me an email.